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Dick has a habit of going off on a tangent, or running out of time on the show. Because of this, there are numerous occasions where a story will be started and never finished, or alluded to at the end of an episode, dismissed with "this episode's gone on too long as it is," and then never finished. This page exists to catalogue all the stories or ideas that Dick has yet to finish (or start).

The Stories

  • Episode 28: Denzel's Script was going to be posted on the site. Also, Dick will write his own script before Maddox'x book comes out.
  • Episode 29: Guy who got railroaded from UCB before Dick for allegations. Maybe wanted him on the show to defend himself from accusations.
  • Episode 30-ish: On the episode where Dick talks about ruining christmas, Dick says at the very end of the episode that he once spilled whiskey on a baby and ruined christmas even harder and that he would tell the story in the bonus episode they were about to record. Never happened.
  • Episode 37: Dick mentions Life Coach has a plan for gathering the DNA of criminals.
  • Episode 38: Says he has the "rape" audio from BP (at 1:33:00). Also, said there's a story of when he spilled gin on a baby...
  • Bonus Episode 6: Larry not taking a show on Madcast Media. (Dick teased so long that this is Larry's story to tell)
  • Episode 40: Madcucks mentions Biggest Solution Season 2 and Dick says "That's a whole other story".
  • Bonus Episode 8: Asterios asked regarding at what point Dick gave up on BPITU and Dick said "We're going to have to talk about that on another bonus episode."
  • Episode 45: Dick was going to draw a tattoo for a guy...
  • Episode 45: What the fuck happened to the generator after the Pacific Dining Car?
  • Episode 47: Dick was going to bring in Dr Leonard's catalog for old people stuff that comes to his house.
  • Episode 49: Dick's last update on buying a billboard. Is he still buying the billboard in the Starbucks parking lot?
  • Episode 51: Thinking about doing an extra bonus episode each month...
  • Episode 55: Dick was going to upload the 80 page document by Mental Jess.
  • Bonus Episode 12: Time he got kicked out of the Flight of The Conchords concert...
  • Reddit comment: After someone mentions that the Biggest Problem could be "a Man Show type of [tv-]show", Dick replied "We almost did! I'll tell that story on another episode." (covered in Bonus Episode 9)