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Dick has a habit of going off on a tangent, or running out of time on the show. Because of this, there are numerous occasions where a story will be started and never finished, or alluded to at the end of an episode, dismissed with "this episode's gone on too long as it is," and then never finished. This page exists to catalogue all the stories or ideas that Dick has yet to finish (or start).

The Stories

  • Episode 1 - Allegra Ringo, as a joke, suggests Dick get "Big Liquor" to sponsor him, an idea that Dick loves. We might be on to something similar (and by that we mean the opposite: The Dick Show sponsoring a whiskey) with this: Dick might be getting his tiny face on a whiskey bottle
  • Episode 2 - Dick mentions that he would love to have fans come in and audition to be a co-host. (Potential precursor for the rage lottery, potential precursor to the live show shanigans?)
  • Episode 4 - Vote on what Dick did that could ruin my personal... and professional... reputation. The top three guesses get a free T-Shirt. These guesses were never identified or rewarded. Which is fine, because giving away shirts as a bit is tacky.
  • Episode 8 - Have Robin Higgins back in once she's single, and have Dickheads audition to go on a hot date with her. Sadly Robin Higgins has been cucked by drama, and has decided not to appear on The Dick Show anymore.
  • Episode 10: "Rage against the Vagine" with Lenora Claire; raging back and forth about gender stuff (Lenora's example was "getting hit on in the workplace"). This may just prove to be a future project.
  • Episode 30-ish: On the episode where Dick talks about ruining christmas, Dick says at the very end of the episode that he once spilled whiskey on a baby and ruined christmas even harder and that he would tell the story in the bonus episode they were about to record. Never happened.
  • Episode 37: Dick mentions Life Coach has a plan for gathering the DNA of criminals.
  • Reddit comment: After someone mentions that the Biggest Problem could be "a Man Show type of [tv-]show", Dick replied "We almost did! I'll tell that story on another episode."
  • Episode 45 - What the fuck happened to the generator after the Pacific Dining Car