Job Lynch Mob

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Intro to the Mob

What we have seen in the rise and increase of Social Justice Warriors (or, as some call them, Brownie Point Warriors), is the risk of a phenomenon called The Job Lynch Mob.

A simple definition of a Job Lynch Mob is the idea that someone is coming after your Personal and Professional Reputation just because of something that you did or said that the vast majority of easily offended millennials didn't agree with or didn't find funny.

This is a technique used by people to control language and culture by taking away another person's livelihood, just because something that they said was found to be "offensive" by some parties.

Dick once again states the definition of what a Job Lynch Mob is in Episode 32, as many people were using the term incorrectly.

The meaning in other cultures

In other cultures, words and phrases have different meanings, Job Lynch Mob is no exception to this.

In some less fortunate cultures, Job Lynch Mob means going after someone's Personal and Professional Reputation for practically any reason. One example, would be calling the police when a deranged crazed man threatens to shoot you and your children with a gun in his pocket. This other culture would look down on you for calling the police on this man as he could loose his job over it, therefore you would be doing the right thing by allowing him to go on his way.