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A Big Foul is what a podcast referee will call on his cohost when said cohost makes a statement incompatible with his values. Typically, Big Fouls will be edited out of episodes in order to prevent the ruining of any of the cohosts' Personal and Professional Reputation.

Examples of a Big Foul

Dick: Really upsets me that it's, that it's, it's that... not (stammering) ...that responsibility isn't put on her
Maddox: Here's the...
Dick: ...and we're telling people this.
Maddox: I do wanna add something, just to the last point you made, which is they said that, uh, we should stop telling women that it's their responsibility to protect themselves-
Dick: It is!
Maddox: Well to an extent, yes-
Maddox: No, Dick, it's not-
Dick: Dude
Maddox: You're fucking... bullshit. No-
Dick: Yes it is
Maddox: If you, if you pass out drunk at a party or whatever, you shouldn't expect to get raped.
Maddox: Aw dude. Big foul. No... you can't say... that's fucking bullshit. That's absolutely bullshit.


How to handle a Big Foul

Generally, when a Big Foul is called, the referee will have to Take the High Road by Lying and Implying about the cohost in Twitter DMs. An attempt to send the Job Lynch Mob after the fouler can be made, but it should be noted this may backfire and ruin your own Personal and Professional Reputation, and you may have to spend anywhere up to and including $30,000 attempting to regain it.

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