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At that point I spilled my drink on "the 80's girl". I'm not proud of it, but I felt threatened and harassed at their badgering and intimidation about something I didn't want to talk about [1]
Caitlin Hall, admitting to assaulting 80's Girl

Caitlin Hall is a so-called comedian and one of Maddox's cuck buddies. On 6 April 2018, she assaulted 80's Girl at the Seven Grand in downtown LA. She also describes herself as a whale in her Twitter bio[2], but I doubt she lets Maddox fasterisk her. How's that for irony?

What we know

"But I'm only a 24 year old girl you guise!!!"
Surprise, surprise! Maddox cries "fake news"

Details of the assault are forthcoming. Right now we know that on 6 April 2018, Dick and 80's Girl were at the Seven Grand where they ran into Caitlin.

According to Dick:

80s Girl (my girlfriend) was assaulted last night by commedianne Caitlin Hall in the Seven Grand downtown. Don't worry about her. She's okay. Before and during her arrest, Caitlin drunkenly ranted about Maddox's lawsuit, which began the ordeal. I have video of the arrest.[3]

On Instagram, Caitlin fired back:

‪Hey everyone, I did NOT assault anyone. I would never do that to another person, especially another woman. Last night, Dick recognized me and started harassing me about my friend Maddox. I walked away and wanted to be left alone. I was drinking, but I promise you there was no "drunken ranting." I didn't say more than 4 words to Dax and told him I didn’t want to talk to him. At that point I spilled my drink on “the 80's girl”. I’m not proud of it, but I felt threatened and harassed at their badgering and intimidation about something I didn't want to talk about. ‬

From there, they called the cops. Police officers had me detained for about 15 minutes while they reviewed the tapes, before realizing I didn't do anything. Believe what you want, but I had about 20 friends there as witnesses. I didn't do anything, I would absolutely never hurt another person.‬ To "80's Girl" sorry for spilling my drink on you. However, as a 40 year old man and a school teacher: verbally harassing a 24 year old woman, so much that another friend had to step in, making a falsified police report, and trying to embarrass her by posting a video of her crying in handcuffs for a story? Not a good move. I was not arrested last night. In fact, the police officers apologized to me after the fact. I'm happy to ask the bar for the video and post it. This is all I'll say. I don't want to talk about this any longer and I do not wish to be part of your narrative. Thank you.[4]

Dick responded:

“20 friends there as witnesses”, none of whom saw what happened outside the bathroom in the back. I did. This is how they spin. Assault and battery turns into a “spilled drink” and then they threaten your job. Ask for the bar video @caitlingwynne. I’ve got the entire arrest. [5]

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