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Main Characters


  • Allegra Ringo - A podcaster, dog lover, and probably a feminist blogger.
  • Denzel - The ho-host with the mo-most. Good taste in music.
  • Dick's Man - Dick's Man Steve. Married at Burning Man, witnessed by a cat.
  • Handy Randy - A Hollywood big shot than takes great pleasure in crushing the dreams of people that posses the same coloured skin as Denzel.
  • Harmful Opinions - Youtube commentator
  • Joan Ford - Like, a UCB Tournament of nerds regular?
  • Joe Starr - Hollywood Superstarr, writer for Screen Junkies or something.
  • Joey Clift - Wrestling fanatic, and another guy with a podcast.
  • Larry Bleidner - A velvet-voiced father with a "take no shit" attitude.
  • Layc Nichole - News babe with a large forehead. Reserved for Sean.
  • Lenora Claire - Tits.
  • Lowtax - Devours hamburgers, hates trees, gets in fights with angry Germans.
  • Madcucks - Our very own dull-voiced master satirist.
  • Mark David Christenson - Host of the podcast I will Watch Anything Once, another guest that attempts comedy.
  • Mike Cernovich - Angry lawyer, pharmaceutical enthusiast, aggressive tweeter.
  • Nathan Buckley - Glues pretzels onto his baseball cap, rides generators like they're a woman.
  • Null - Creator of Kiwi Farms, helped develop 8chan. Milk enthusiast.
  • Peach Saliva - Streamer, funnier than Asterios the career comedian.
  • Robin Higgins - A comedic chemist that utilizes the power of chemistry to forcefully make others laugh.
  • Sam Hyde - School shooter and terrorist. Had his TV show taken down by social media terrorists.
  • Jamie Lynn Hughes - Fitness Model and IRC Degenerate

Call in / Rage board

  • Dustin - The Facebook Meme Man, "Chief Dickhead" and "beloved" return caller.
  • David Clegg - Case for "People who like to sleep" being a problem, lonely. alleged paedophile, Hulk Hogan and Asterios impressionist.
  • Lettuce Jones - Antagonistic leafy jailbird of mysterious race. Likes books. Likely to be "Doing the shanking".
  • Izzy Nobre - Brazilian podcaster, ringer, really big fan of TBPITU. Was the reigning champion of the Rage Lottery until it was canned.
  • Slag Tess - Madcucks' girlfriend, misses Sean. Probably sleeping with whatever our satirical Rucka ends up getting called.
  • Spinach Smith - Arch rival to Lettuce Jones, wants to be the next co-host to the Dick Show.
  • Wauterboi's bird - SQUAK
  • Chinese Tony - hates life. Wants to die. Also Chinese.
  • Spicy Tony - conned out of a job. Not Chinese.
  • Maxwell Kimball - Some 18 year old guy that was going to beat up Daivd Clegg in real life.
  • Phteven - A down to Earth guy that just happens to get mixed up in the weird world of furrys, trans and polyamorous fuck nests.
  • Frank the Tank - Spokesmen for the suicide clique of Dickheads.
  • WarOfTheFanBoys - Moderator of /r/The_Donald, has an angel on the table.
  • Hazencruz - - Raided Maddox's Twitch stream, has a thick Southern accent.
  • Thomas McCoy - A filmaker that's an Autist, how original.
  • Sovash - Official Representative of Reddit
  • Consuelo - A proud Mexican gardner and podcaster.

External Characters

Never heard directly on the show but very much still Characters within TDS Universe.