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Fat Maddox
If you stare at this picture for longer than 5 seconds, he'll come out of your screen and ask you to fuck his girlfriend.
Nationality American
Other names
  • Madcucks
  • Furious George
  • King Cuck
  • Heather S
Occupation Writer (ugh)
Years active 1997 - present
Known for The Biggest Problem In The Universe
Notable work
There's nothing really inherently wrong with being a cuckold.[1]
Madoff, Bitch and Cuck redirect here.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Maddox is a bitch, a former funny person, a podcast referee, and a SJW blowhard who bloviates from his hugbox of yesmen.

Power level

2 if you count the cows

Affiliated with

First appeared

The Biggest Problem In The Universe, Episode 1

Smells like

Armenian cologne "Big Foul", disavowed statements


Maddox was a distinguished powerful Internet entity back in the 90's. Not even big corporations with large internet presence such as Pepsi or McDonald's could stand up to him. As time went on and the internet grew, Maddox decided he would not grow with the internet, and by the mid 2000's his power had greatly diminished. Maddox is now playing catch up and is once again growing his internet empire. Maddox struck gold when he and Dick created The Biggest Problem In The Universe. Unfortunately, the other long lost Internet entity that was Dick Masterson was becoming a thorn in his side. Not only did Dick end up sleeping with Maddox's ex-assistant but he was also growing far more popular than Maddox on TBPITU.
Maddox threw a cuckfit and ended the show. He then struck copper with "The """Best""" Debate" as a replacement; unfortunately, Dick made his own podcast, splitting the fan base and putting a dent in Maddox's growth. An angered Maddox utilised the power of the Job Lynch Mob, using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to try and destroy Dick Masterson's Personal and Professional Reputation once and for all. Unfortunately for Maddox, Dick grew even stronger.
Many fans speculate that Maddox will try to destroy Dick in other, sneakier ways, such as hiring the Power Rangers to kill Dick by making it look like Dick is Rita Repulsa in disguise at a Halloween party.
These days Maddox does nothing noteworthy and spends his days crying into his salty soup.

Scientific Research

Maddox has conducted groundbreaking research into whether or not plugging one's wenis hole will make it shoot urine out like a hose. Doing this shot the urine back into his kidneys and was another notch in the belt of Maddox's Stupid Ideas.

Fuck Whales

Fuck Whales, F*ck Whales, or The Best Book In The Universe were all going to be good but then Maddox released them and they were a steaming pile of shit.
So much so that if you google Fuck Whales, F*ck Whales, or fck whales you get no results. Turns out the whales fucked Maddox and Maddox lost yet again.

Maddox's Allies

  • The distinguished Rucka Rucka Ali
  • The distinguished Metal Jess
  • The distinguished Wayne Brady
  • The distinguished Ela Darling
  • The distinguished Michael Capes
  • The distinguished Xalthos
  • The distinguished Handy Randy
  • The distinguished Angelo's Mom
  • The distinguished guys who look like they could be Captain America without the serum who can tell him he can be powerful
  • The distinguished non-offending pedophiles
  • The distinguished guys who wear American Flag jackets

Maddox's Enemies

  • Dick Masterson
  • Asterios Kokkinos
  • Donald Trump
  • Madcucks
  • Girl that tried to sell wedding dress which Maddox pissed on
  • Business men
  • His own "fans" who he consistently refers to as "lesser minds" and *"idiots"
  • Dancing Man
  • Armchair Economists
  • Actual Economists
  • Literally anyone with a college degree
  • Mister Metokur