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Coined by Mike Cernovich and introduced to the Dickheads in Episode 20 of The Dick Show.


Cuckmate describes a situation in which a person (henceforth Cuck) feels so victimised (henceforth cucked) by an aggressor (henceforth Cucker) that the Cuck then "embraces" (henceforth doublecucks) the Cucker's assertions (henceforth cuckings) and wears the label with pride (henceforth cuckery).

Put simply, a Cucker cucks a Cuck so bad that the Cuck doublecucks the Cucker's cuckings and enters a permanent state of cuckedness, revelling in their own cuckery.

Examples of Cuckmate

  • Maddox terribly photoshopped this image depicting both presidential candidates of the 2016 American Presidential Election as Dumb and Dumber. Trump supporters, as is their wont, called Maddox a liberal cuck for doing so. Maddox then went full blown autist and made a video defending cuckoldry as a sexual fetish. Many Dickheads and ex-Maddoxians attributed this behaviour to the notion that cuckoldry might actually be one of the many sexual deviancies that Maddox enjoys. To move the final piece into Cuckmate, Maddox began selling shirts that literally out the wearer as a cuck and attempted to rationalise it as "cucking the alt-right" by turning their phrase into merchandise. For this to have worked, though, someone would have had to have purchased that goddamn hideous shirt.
  • Tim Heidecker - after receiving cuckings from Sam Hyde - wrote and performed a song called "I Am A Cuck". 'Nuff said.