David Clegg

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David Clegg
Other names Weston
Occupation Shitposter, Troll
Known for Oversleeping

David "Weston" Clegg is one of many callers that called into the Dick Show to rage. Clegg is a "big fucking pussy" according to Official Certified Dick Show Canon.

Power level


Affiliated with

King Critic industries

Appears in

Smells like

Chicken tendies, an old mattress.


David Clegg is a twenty-something male employed under King Critic. Clegg was first mentioned by Dick in Episode 16. On said episode, Dick was ranting about how much shit Clegg was talking in the Facebook group and insisted that if David has so much shit on him, he should call into the show. Clegg finally snoozed onto the scene in Episode 17 "Dick on Clegg" where he raged on both Dick and Asterios using the infamous Lying and Implying method. On said episode, Dick had been owning David Clegg until Clegg revealed that he wasn't even using his full power as he had just woken up. Many fans have speculated that if Clegg had enough time to prepare he may have conjured enough power to launch one quarter of a coherent argument.

Ultimately Dick, co-host Joe Starr, and even Dustin had made a mockery of Clegg, prompting Dick to hang up on the drowsy beta male. Many assumed that this would be the last they heard of Clegg. A shitty remix of the call can be heard here.

Facebook showdown

David Clegg had not given up just yet as he took to the digital streets of Facebook to generate anguish towards the population housed there. This prompted one civilian, Maxwell Kimball, to challenge the dozy munchkin to a fist fight. Plane tickets were purchased for Clegg to fly out and battle with the user. Clegg was a no show, even to this day a fight is still being offered, which Clegg has very little to say about, leading some to believe he is going through an intense training schedule.

Fight Night - Kimball vs. Clegg

The wait was finally over as Clegg and Kimball had agreed on a place to duke it out! The fight would take place in true Dickhead fashion, a podcast armed with a Patreon. The show didn't last long however as Clegg had destoyed his phone in a fit of rage over Kimball not giving him enough prep time. The highlight of this podcast was a Asterios guest appearance which was paid for.

Dating Right

Clegg later went on to create a family friendly podcast with average joe Dickhead Phteven. Surprisingly Clegg left this podcast too due to his minor attraction or however you want to put it.

The Future

It is unknown what Podcast Clegg will star in next, but what is certain is it will never reach 10 episodes, and it will never obtain more than $10 at best through it's Patreon.


  • David Clegg's employer King Critic has called into the show before - Episode 11 at 1:30:54.
  • David Clegg and King Critic sound exactly the same, proving they are different people as no pitch shifting was involved.

What makes them a rage?

  • Asterios
  • Dick Masterson
  • People who think ephebophile is just a fancy word for paedophile (spoiler alert: it is)
  • People who think lolicons are also just paedophiles (spoiler alert: they are)
  • Probably Mumkey Jones at this point, surely