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Our Guy
Nationality USA
Other names The Ho-Host With the Mo-Most
Notable work Real Nerd Hours

Denzel is a ho-host of The Dick Show and host of Real Nerd Hours.

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Denzel is Dick Masterson's very close black friend. I've forgot how they met but it was probably a black situation like Denzel trying to jump Dick for cash in a ghetto only for Dick to take Denzel under his wing.

Denzel is a partial recluse preferring the company of himself over others which is a strange trait for someone that possess hex colour #3a2218 skin.

Denzel helped Asterios with a website and often helps others with web design needs as this is the field he works in. Many fans speculate that Dick helped Denzel move into this field.

Featured in the hit 1992 Basketball/Deathmatch game Denzel Shut Up And Jam!, known in Japan as Dunkmaster Denzel Infinite Hoop Crisis (ダンク マスター デンゼル 無限 フープ 危機 Danku Masutaa Denzeru Mugen Fuupu Kiki)

Traumatic School Life

In school, Denzel revealed he was picked on for his second name. He states that kids would often go up to him and say things like "Hey Denzel you should WALK away", this traumatic childhood is most likely what led Denzel to a life of web design and recluse.


Denzel has his own podcast on the See You Next Tuesday Network. It's called Real Nerd Hours, and you can find it here.

What makes them a rage?

  • Marijuana Laws
  • Modern Dating
  • Losing