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Dustin Sin
Dustin with Dick
Occupation Cringemaster General
Known for Having no discernible personality whatsoever
Notable work Ruining Bonus Episode 8

King Dustin manages a paper company, and created the burning dumpster fire that is the facebook group.

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Appears in

First appeared

The Dick Show, Episode 5

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Supreme Overcuck Dustin is a white family man that enjoys the simple things in life like Denny's, a fine den, and wallpaper that matches the floor. Fans suspect that The Infallible Dustin was written into the show as the set in reality character that the majority of Dick show characters aren't.

HRH Dustin is very loyal to Dick although most likely not as loyal as Dick's man as fans speculate High Chancellor Dustin would not take a Megazord punch to the stomach like Dick's man would.

The Honorable Dustin's role in the show is to pick out questions from other Dickheads and report them to Dick. Some of the questions our liege picks out, however, are rather "wallpaper-matching-the-floor." This angers fans sometimes when in reality it is supposed to make them laugh.

Accidentally said on the air that he was "encapsulated" by a story Dick told, to which Dick replied that it was the incorrect word. This is a permanent thing that happened and it will be remembered by history forever. Be sure to remind yourself that this happened as a part of your daily routine, and pass the tale on to your offspring.

After singlehandedly ruining Bonus Episode 8, HRH Dustin was banished from the show until he comes up with a funny bit that the Dick Show Reddit approves of. It is widely speculated that this task will be impossible as HRH Dustin is not funny.

Discovery of the Existence of Memes

After being the admin of the Dick Show Facebook group, Dustin was in 2016 exposed to image macros properly for the first time. In episode 33 he was quoted as having a notebook on him at all times, in which he writes down funny thoughts and ideas that come into his head for possible memes and rages. There is currently a $25 bounty for anyone who can procure the above mentioned notebook, or parts of it's content (contact IRC-user DTales for more info).

In the same episode Dustin went on record revealing that he never leaves home without having a repertoire of Dustin-curated memes on his person at all times, to be prepared for every scenario:

(Transcript of the relevant part of episode 33)
Dustin: I have a huge resource of memes on my phone, so I immediately have one ready for every situation. Basically.
Dick: What the hell does that mean?
Sean: He can respond with a meme?
Dustin: In response to their comment I can just fucking "drop a meme" real quick to just smash 'em.
Sean: Now they know your secrets
Dick: *Uncontrollable laughter* Just smash 'em, Sean.
Sean: Yeah
Dick: They're getting smashed. With a hammer of memes. Alright Dustin, thanks for calling.

Examples of Dustin Memes

Character Criticism

Many fans had argued that Our Majesty Dustin's Character gets in the way of practical tasks such as finding questions. Dick Masterson and Sean seem oblivious to this which leads fans to believe that either El Presidente Dustin may be a witch (Magic is confirmed canon since Episode 20 meaning this theory holds more weight now) or the creators of the show have something big planned for Sir Dustin the Righteous: either character development, or his death. A new theory surfaced in episode 20 wherein fans speculated that if fan rage starts becoming a problem, the creators can quickly black pill Dustin-sama, thereby transforming his character rapidly. God Emperor Dustin has been known to interrupt Dick, Sean or the guest with bad jokes or cringe-inducing obliviousness. This has caused Pharoah Dustin to be the source of frequent contention amongst Dickheads.

Prime Minister Dustin's rages

  • Dickheads
  • The IRC Group
  • Specifically _688as
  • The Reddit Group
  • Specifically Sovash
  • Toby from HR
  • Hillary Supporters
  • Arby's