Episode 1

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Episode 1

Dick in Mexico






The first piece of goss dropped in TDS history is that The Biggest Problem was ended due to "artistic differences". In the creative world, this is code for "we can't fucking stand one another".

Initial Yeah Review

Approximate length of the “Yeah!”: 1.27 seconds

Approximate number of syllables: 1

Impressions: Listeners to The Dick Show who are under four weeks old, will find it almost impossible to imagine the rudimentary beginnings of the podcast and the brutal and primitive world in which it was conceived. Only a week before, Maddox had voluntarily gelded himself, removing all traces of Dick to create the 'Smooth Maddox' persona who currently prowls the back alleys of L.A, clad in shop-soiled lavender spandex. Dick, meanwhile found himself cast aside, like an unwanted dildo. Robbed of his ability to project his personality onto the internet, he loaded all of his guns with Scrabble tiles and fired them in the direction of the nearest wi-fi signal. Out of the ensuing chaos, of double and triple word scores, The Dick Show was born. Dick's opening “yeah” is undisputedly timid when compared to later shows. The most accurate comparison would be the manner in which a mildly excited cat might say the word 'yeah', if it were suddenly gifted with the power of speech. What we are party to here is Dick road-testing his greeting, in an attempt to gather hard data on its impact and structural integrity under non-laboratory conditions. It is the equivalent of the Wright brothers' maiden flight, that proved beyond reasonable doubt that their underlying concept was sound. This “Yeah!” while meek and mild in its delivery, stands as a herald of the glorious 'Yeahs!' that lay ahead.

Credit - /u/backwards7ven - Reddit


Episode 1 Transcript