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Dick on Maddox





To put out the hot goss fire that has erupted, the damage control of Episode 18 erupted.

After some initial talking of the new iOS which is noted to make Dick a rage.

The legendary FF7 racing rims origin story is explained because that god damn rain is just trying to ruin your time while you are doing donuts in your Lexus.

See below for the analysis of the youtube video in question


The Biggest Character Assassination In The Universe

The following is a point by point dissection of the arguments provided

  • "Only doing the podcast for fans and for money" Dick is quoted as saying "We're not friends. I can't stand the guy. I do the show for the fans and the scrilla."

This isn't really a point as much as it is just a whine about Dick being "unprofessional" which Dick states was "100% true, we weren't friends by the end of it"

  • Deleted the website, "I didn't delete the website moved to static html (I even paid for it myself *aside: Was it $30k*) because dozens of wordpress plugins weren't being updated"

The website was deleted

  • "The old RSS feed costs money guys and can't stay up forever so I uploaded all the files to soundcloud so you can listen indefinitely."

Dick states that the feed costs "$7 a month" here and this really isn't a reason to end the podcast.

  • "I did respond to that email" in regards to the email about the hijacking of the RSS feed

He did respond to the email stating that he "asked for W9's" not addressing the issue at hand here. Dick states "http://thebiggestproblemintheuniverse.com/feed/podcast could have just been redirected to that instead of the Man Purse Network URL, but it wasn't. Also of note, the actual podcast feed URL was redirected BEFORE the entire domain was redirected to the RIP page that contained only the Soundcloud playlist. The entire domain redirecting to a new server (that I had no access to) happened only after my email indicating I had a problem with the podcast feed redirection." source

  • "Dick has been withholding financial records from me for some time now, so I asked him to send the W9s" *Dated June 15th*

A W9 is a formal request for a social security number that is then handed over in plain text to the person who is requesting. So the more accurate statement here would be "Dick is witholding his social security number from me". Which IMHO is a good move if you really don't want your professional and personal relationships tarnished. Dick states in this episode that he then learned about a TIN which basically protects your SSN given the fact that you are associating yourself with a business to be used as a proxy.

  • "His refusal to send me these forms is suspicious especially considering the fact that I have found discrepancies in his accounting in the past"

Ad hominem attack that is utilizing the vagueness of "forms" when in fact it is a single page document that just includes basic information about Dick including SSN, Address, and business information.

  • "Then he started lying about things he didn't even need to lie about, telling people 'he didn't know anything about my new network' my bad I should have sent him an email about it on April 5th going into detail with a bullet pointed list oh wait I did"

Dick stating in a reddit comment after the breakup of TBPITU that he "knows nothing about the network", this was a turn of phrase as he hasn't concerned himself with what is being referred to as a "network" which is really just Maddox's show and some other guys show with "new sponsors".

  • "then I found out he was telling fans without my knowledge that it was okay to steal the bonus episodes so I uploaded them all for free"

Someone asked Dick directly "should I take that down" regarding bonus content and Dick responded with "What am I, a copyright police?". Dick states in the episode that simply not stopping someone from doing something isn't giving someone license to do that same thing. Dick also goes on to state that a difference exists between piracy and stealing which Maddox seems to not recognize.

  • "It is misleading to say I forbade the Titanic bit. That was one of my favorite bits on the show. I didn't want it tied to the weekly voting because it resulted in a large number of fake votes .. I asked him to find another way to do the bit on the show. I sent him an email last December (December 11th 2015) suggesting that he bring the bit back"

Dick refutes this point by saying, "yeah the bit isn't funny if it isn't in direct relation to winning the non-contest of the last episode". Maddox killed the bit by making it impossible to be performed with any comedic value.

Maddox then goes into a bullet pointed list titled "Babydicks Lies"

  • Reason podcast ended

"Artistic differences", which isn't a lie.

  • Deleted website

He did delete the website

  • Financial forms


  • Network

Dick didn't know anything about the network, why should he? This isn't a reason for the podcast to end

  • Bonus Episodes

Dick didn't lie about the episodes. He simply wasn't going to pursue vigilante justice on a copyright that doesn't even belong to him

  • Bit embargo

He did embargo the bit and extracted all comedy from it.

  • "And he is unprofessional and talks behind peoples backs"

For someone who knows so much about logical fallacies that is a fantastic use of an ad hominem attack

"Oh and one other thing" 2:52 - Here's the kicker where the goss was dropped that sparked the Job Lynch Mob

  • "He use to complain about me editing things out. The reason I would edit them was because he would say things that are incompatible with my values"

Out of context quote where Dick states "A hundred percent it is" the women's responsibility to protect themselves from being a victim of rape and that you should "expect to get raped" in order to have a defensive position in the matter instead of the contrary of "not expecting to get raped" which when taken out of context sounds extremely crass and insensitive and Maddox goes on to say that this is a Big Foul. Dick explains in the episode that he believes that women should be empowered in a "prepare for the worst, hope for the best" type reasoning in that if you don't feel responsible for your own safety/security you are more at risk than someone who does. This out of context jab proves to make women think that Dick is a "Rape Apologist" in creating excuses for why rape happens when in reality he is trying to prevent this heinous crime by utilizing information.

  • "and in case you don't think this is serious, his show's own message board maintains a rape list" The video then proceeds to pan down to an anonymous 8chan thread to the 8chan board /thedickshow/ never advertised by Dick as being a place for where fans of the show should converse unlike Facebook, Reddit, IRC. The video pans down on a redacted thread from 3:33-3:49 and this concludes the video.

The way this is framed makes it seem like The Dick Show maintains an official rapelist and even in the screenshot of the reddit post you can see that the link was submitted 26 days ago with 7 comments and 0 upvotes. This isn't to excuse what was written here but to simply state the fact that this wasn't something that was getting a lot of traffic or attention from fans of the show. The 8chan board referenced was created by fans of the show and the thread that was started was a joke and a play off of the "get raped" joke from TPBITU. This doesn't excuse the content as being insensitive and perhaps even offensive but it is to say that this isn't an "official rapelist". The 8chan board was never referenced on the show, the thread in question was never referenced on the show and the thread didn't even see any traffic from the official message boards of the show.