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The hot GOSS CONdition (GOSSCON) is a threat advisory used by the Dickhead Army to describe the current level of hot goss.

It prescribes five graduated levels of goss (or states of alert) for the Dickheads. It increases in severity from GOSSCON 5 (least severe) to GOSSCON 1 (most severe) to match varying levels of goss.


Goss condition Exercise term Description
GOSSCON 1 SLIME TIME Life altering goss. This level involved real-life verbal and physical altercations.
GOSSCON 2 CASPER SMASH Next step to nuclear goss. Examples include the infamous Rape List Video and the serving of the Lolsuit.
GOSSCON 3 PITCHED TENT Elevated levels of goss. Goss tidbits, chat leaks, general cuckoldry
GOSSCON 4 HALF MAST Typical levels of goss. Usually involves making fun of Maddox's latest gaffs.
GOSSCON 5 LIMP DICK Lowest state of goss