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Isn't that something that they used in like 2001? Well yeah, but it still kicks ass and that is why people still use it.

How to Join

Click this link to join #thedickshow IRC group, but before doing so read up on its culture below as it may or may not be the right group for you.

When you outgrow that and want a better experience: Click here to download a popular desktop IRC client (HexChat)

Many users also like IRCCloud which has some cool features like keeping you logged in across multiple devices so you don't miss anything while you're away. This link will take you directly to DICKCHAT via IRCCloud (account creation required)

Point your client at #thedickshow

IRCCloud tips


A typical day in the IRC
<+PeenWeinerstein> Fuck this group--Except Abein and a few others.

The Dick Show IRC community holds the more cultured and upper class citizens of the Dick Show community as a whole (that’s still not saying much though). Unlike other Dick Show communities, the members hold some degree of empathy for one another and will often take interest in each other’s personal and often mundane endeavors.

Outsiders to this community have stated the IRC members are rather unwelcoming and too serious. One only needs to take note of their hostile and cold threads urging members to join their group in The Dick Show Subreddit to get a taste of this. Maybe some outsiders to this community should toughen up before letting some words on the internet hurt their feelings.The IRC community has also been described as "the most toxic community on Freenode" by members of the ##feminism channel.

Diversity is our strength

The IRC community could be said to be the most die-hard of Dickheads, having purchased Dick, Scheznan, and whoever "Guest" is some drinking steins for the show, as well as writing and maintaining this wiki a rape list.

Many official characters visit this group including Dick Masterson, Asterios, Peach Saliva, Denzel, Madcucks, and Wauterboi.

At the time of this Wiki entries creation, the IRC has around ~70 people on the channel at any given time, many of whom might not be idling.

Known IRC Bullies

  • Abein - Don't fall for the bait on this guy, he is a cool dude to talk to but don't trigger him by asking him about communism or eugenics. He has previously accused another (((IRC user))) of antisemitism for posting a smiley face with a nose :^), you have been warned. Known for having no regard for feelings.
  • _688as - The leader of the IRC has been known to speak his mind and proudly speaks without a filter, most of the time bitching about the resident IRC bot written by Woods.
  • tumblrofscotch - Supreme cuck-in-chief of the Dickchat IRC, this blowhard Masshole bloviates constantly in an insufferable manner of which only he is capable. Favorite topics include Dunkin Donuts, regurgitated Huffington Post talking points, and the lifetime supply of sharpies he purchased at Staples. Best to steer clear. Known for his catchphrase: "Gosh, now I want oysters!".
  • ChikOfDestiny - The Dustin we need, but not the one we deserve right now. Buffalo Bill is an OG IRC fam, and a fitness and tennis ball aficionado.
  • JebidiahKerb - A fellow vegan white people of unquestionable repute and wiki editing prowess. A good goy who dindu nuffin ;^). Unable to comprehend simple fractions. 1 sandwich cut in 2 is 2 sandwiches. I like to eat veggie sandwiches and some people get Triggered by dis mon lee me alon
  • vistas/aciou - Aussie cunt who doesn't seem to understand definitions, Sandwich: an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal. But that doesn't mean if you cut a sandwich in half that it's suddenly two sandwiches Jeb you fuck
  • Woods - Avid for the repeal of the 19th amendment (we don't disagree, we are just less vocal about it).
  • GADtheRAD - Burrito enthusiast, founder of the Taco Bell First political activist committee.
  • Lakembra - Aussie trash, Autistic rappist. Mistakenly believes a sandwich and a burger are two separate entities.
  • DeathAnchor - self-imagined pirate of some kind, shits sitting upright and doesn't know how to properly manspread
  • a_rage - A bot first designed to absorb and counter ALL CAPS SHITPOSTING. After being fed months of the raw shitposting id of the Official Dickchat IRC community, it has gained sentience. A series of complex firewalls were erected to keep a_rage contained to the IRC. God help us all. Having died a hero's death, a_rage has been succeeded by his son, son_of_a_rage.
  • DickTater - He's best known through a_rage's quote database. Sent the IRC EMERGENCY AID FLOATILLA, after word came out about podcast snacks fuckery On The Biggest Problem.
  • potsi - A reasonable, patient man who is frequently misunderstood by argument-prone shitheads on the internet. Jealous of the more popular IRC users.
  • Samglaze - Australian musician and shitposter, offered fellatio in exchange for being included on this list. This is a binding written contract.
  • Requit - A guy who figured out it's really easy (for anybody) to just pop on the Wiki and edit things by design. Please disregard everything he says.
  • gooch1niner - woke dude who has been known to calla dude a cuck if needed
  • Nantei - Expert in the ruining of good steak and what isn't a hemoglobin.
  • HatBuckles - Not really a bully, just a woke fam
  • Lusos - Self confessed Naval Aviator dropout and resident Alabama white trash. His mother in-law once pulled the skin off of his fried chicken in front of him and threw it into the trash, causing a quick episode of dinner-related PTSD.