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Larry Bleidner


Larry "Mr. Velvet" Bleidner is a co-host and a man whose voice evokes any or all of the following imagery: smooth velvet, whiskey on the rocks with a cigar, patient mansplaination of a complex procedure to an attentive listener. He also hosts That Larry Show, another podcast on the See You Next Tuesday Network.

Power level

Take No Shit/10

Affiliated with

Dickheads, That Larry Show

Appears in

Smells like

Old wood from a log cabin, fine cognac


Mr Velvet is the oldest co-host and member of the Dickheads.

He doesn't stand for too much nonsense and is very protective over his daughters stating he has two shotguns lined up for any men that wish to take his girls away. It is however unknown what Mr Velvet would do if two girls desired his daughters, some fans speculate that he wouldn't be prepared enough for such a scenario and just roll with it.

One of Mr Velvet's most distinguishing features is his smooth buttery voice that can melt that 9/11 building's steel beams.

Some fans speculate Mr Velvet was brought onto the show to clash with Rucka Rucka Ali's horrid autotuneing voice, because of this Mr velvet and Rucka Rucka Ali's voices are bitter rivals(Fan speculation says this anyway(so it must be true))

Despite (or perhaps because of) his age, Mr Velvet has an impressive power level.

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