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Known for Something awful, one of the oldest comedy websites on the interwebz

Lowtax is a veteran of the Internet, unlike Maddox however Lowtax settled down and became a family man.

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Lowtax first appeared on the Dick Show scoffing his favourite food/fetish, the American hamburger. Lowtax is known to be a little unstable due to his long exposure to the deranged world of the World Wide Web. People have reported seeing the man smashing trees with a jack hammer whilst screaming that they should move around him not the other way.

Lowtax is one of the only guests so far to get into a fight with someone from the internet in real life rather than have it devolve into a podcast. Fans speculate however that had Patreon been around Lowtax and Uwe Boll would have created a successful podcast together. Maddox and Lowtax have also had brief blows with one another. Maddox was angered when he found out Something Awful had the audacity to mock children for being terrible at drawing, an idea Maddox believed he had come up with. Long emails were written and few fucks were given.

Lowtax now lives his days out in his shed placing peoples laughs over 1940s footage he happens to come across.


  • Trees
  • Farmers
  • Getting banned from Twitter for making a joke about someone drowning in concrete