Brandon of Maximum! Panic

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Brandon of Maximum! Panic
Notable work "The Literary Character I Identify With Most Is Goku" - the legendary term paper that failed Brandon the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.


Brandon of Maximum! Panic is an individual who commissions random teenagers on DeviantArt to make thumbnails for The Dick Show in exchange for Clash of Clans gems and cigarettes. Brandon spends most of his time putting his mouth on his own ass and pretending to be a one-man Human Centipede.

Smells like

the afterbirth of a baby who spent 9 months shitting into the womb

Rivalry With drsmoothrod

According to Brandon, drsmoothrod "is the Gary Oak to my Ash Ketchum. Someone who is just better than me in every conceivable way." Brandon hopes to someday be as cool as his inspiration and role-model, drsmoothrod.