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Personal and Professional Reputation (henceforth PPR) is the social lifeblood of a man, and the prime target for Job Lynch Mob-style Character Assassinations.


If you (as a scorned and easily offended individual) want to break a man - first you must ruin his PPR. It is comprised of two elements:

  • Personal Reputation
  • Professional Reputation

Either one of these things can be ruined by potential chumps like yourself without the man being broken. It's only once both elements of a PPR have been completely ruined that a man is broken beyond repair, which is what he deserves for having (different opinions/white skin/a penis)(circle where applicable).

Personal Reputation

This is how a man is seen by his friends, his loved ones, and his family. A ruined Personal Reputation leaves a man with no respect from the ones he loves, potentially exiled from his home and his friends. However, a man with a ruined Personal Reputation can still work his day job, and make an income for the ungrateful parasites he most likely lives with. He can even use the income generated by his still-existent Professional Reputation to start a new life, regain his Personal Reputation, and live happily with his PPR once again intact. This is why both elements of a PPR need to be ruined for a Job Lynch Mob to be successful. This is the softer side of a man's reputation.

Professional Reputation

This is how a man is seen by his peers, his colleagues, his employers and employees. Have you ever heard the phrase "You'll never work in this town again!"? Those are the words of a chump with the intent to ruin a man's Professional Reputation. A ruined Professional Reputation can have a man exiled from an entire industry, having to "go back to construction", or even worse, shilling manpurses from a fraudulent-adjacent leather goods startup. However, if a man still has sufficient Personal Reputation, he can recollect himself and build a new life in a new industry or city. This is also why both elements of a PPR need to be ruined for a Job Lynch Mob to be successful. This is the stronger side of a man's reputation.

So You Want To Ruin Someone's PPR: Job Lynch Mobs and You

So you title of this section. Well, you've come to the right place. We already know that for a Job Lynch Mob to be successful, both elements of a PPR need to be ruined. But how do we achieve this? Let us count the ways.

1. Reasons, Reasons, Reasons!

  • Let's start with a hypothetical. Let's say your former co-host has slighted you by leaving - let's say - a wedding with your - let's say - ex-assistant of over 3 years ago. This is a reasonable and perfectly justifiable reason to attempt to assassinate their character and destroy their PPR. What you need now is several seemingly unrelated reasons for why they're a bad person. Implying they are monetarily untrustworthy behind the scenes is always a good bet. Make sure to hastily justify each of these reasons to yourself to make sure your argument is bulletproof by high school debate class standards.

2. Make A Video

  • Rome wasn't culturally appropriated in a day, and you can't make a Job Lynch Mob with one person. If you want someone's PPR ruined, you're gonna need some backup. To that end, you're going to want to make a video - something that will rile up the kind of person willing to spread a hashtag about someone they may have only met in passing. Make sure to take only the most outrageous comments and screenshots out of context, and make sure to misrepresent any argument or image as being much, much worse than it actually is. If, for example, one of your most damning pieces of evidence is based on the words of an image board that literally anybody on earth (including you) could have written, make sure to posit that it was directly linked to the no doubt decent human being whose character you're attempting to assassinate.

3. When In Doubt, "Rape Apologist" Comes Out

  • There's nothing more deplorable to socially conscious, like-minded, gender neutral, forward thinking optimists than the existence of rapists and those who are apologetic toward them. Many SCLMGNFTO would gladly remove their genitalia as a pre-emptive apology and proof that they aren't rapists, so implying that your target is accepting of wanton sexual abuse toward women (because fuck men) is an absolute must. Once again, make sure to frame things in the most disingenuous way you possibly can, as Lying and Implying are your pistol and nightstick.

4. Share, Share, Share!

  • When your Huffington Post-style hit piece fails to connect with the intended audience, make sure to share it with all the Los Angeles Social Justice Warriors you've met and secretly loathe (while simultaneously trying to impress). Make sure that this is done through your personal social media profile, as it will damage the soft and gooey Personal Reputation much easier than if it were shared through the Professional side. With this, you can break the armour of the Professional Reputation from inside, and your character assassination is complete.

The only thing left for you to do is hope that all the real people that got you to where you are today aren't actual reasonable and critical thinking human beings, and that they accept what you say at face value. You must also hope that the LA SJWs don't just immediately move on to the very next thing that outrages their incredibly delicate sensibilities and forget about your crusade against a man who allegedly hooked up with the girl you're stalking and attempting to involve in the weird polyamorous harem you're poorly attempting to create. The last thing for you to do is kill yourself because you're a selfish, loathsome, creepy manchild whose passing would only benefit the human race.