Peach Saliva

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Peach Saliva
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Known for Comedy bits getting stolen

Peach Saliva is Asterios' "writing partner" and writes bits for The Dick Show. Peach is the Penny to Asterios's Inspector Gadget. She also for some reason, looks like Mary Jane from the Toby Maguire Spiderman films.

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Peach Saliva was supposed to make her big debut on The Biggest Problem in The Universe, but ended up being cut at Maddox's request. She made her first official appearance on The Dick Show in the great Sean re-enactment bit. Initially it was believed Asterios wrote this blockbuster epic Godly bit, which he received mountains of praise, woman's panties and marriage requests for. However it was later revealed by Peach Saliva herself that she had written it. Asterios from that point on started earning a mountain of hate, soiled woman's panties and good ol fashion death threats.

It was revealed that Peach Saliva had been writing bits for Biggest Problem behind the scenes for a long time, further solidifying her role in the canon.

Peach Saliva is notable for being one of the few ragers to hit the top of the rage board without being previously known by the Dickheads in some way.


It has yet to be confirmed canon if Peach Saliva's saliva actually tastes like peach.


  • Asterios
  • People who steal bits and take all the credit for those bits
  • Men who piss sitting down from Episode 35
  • Taking baths from Episode 40
  • The Sega Dreamcast for being such a good console, probably hates sonic too
  • Probably something hygiene related in Episode 45