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Randy (also Handy Randy, Candy Randy, Hollywood Randy, and Randy Randy) was the producer of The Biggest Problem In The Universe, and has guest starred on The Dick Show.


Not much is known about Randy, other than he must possess godlike patience for constantly attempting to reconcile the differences between the Unstoppable Rage and the Immovable Cuck. He also produced the most well-received video content related to TBPITU: The Unofficial Final Episode. Randy has never once appeared on camera, possibly because he knows what happens to the mere mortals whom behold his visage. Randy is also a noted airhorn enthusiast, hinting at the notion that he may in fact have created Tim Changzzzzz (PEW PEW PEW).

On The Dick Show

Randy appeared on Episode 28 of The Dick Show to review Denzel's script for "The Long Con", a heist movie that for some reason takes place at a furry convention or something. Randy proceeded to remove Denzel's pants and bend him over the table, viciously "critiquing" his "script" for the next 20 minutes. This caused Denzel to stand for the rest of the episode. When informed that his critiquing was perhaps a bit rough, Randy asserted that "This is what it takes to make it in Hollywood. Now, get on your knees.".


  • It may be noted that while Randy - a man in an official position - titles his video "Unofficial", Cuckstin - a man who made a facebook group - applies an "Official" title to everything around him.
  • Randy reads the Wiki. Hey Randy!