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What is a Road Rage?


Dick on the road = Road Rage
This was a patreon goal that went through the roof early on and was talked about ad nauseam before finally coming to fruition

Road Rage: Portland "Unplugged"

Road Rage Portland-Poster.jpg

Live at 'The Secret Society' in Portland, Oregon, February 24th 2018

Dick and Sean are gonna keep things weird in Portland with friends Madcucks and Peach Saliva this coming February!
Lube up your ear pussies for the launch of The Dick Show Album and chill out for some singalongs and more rages you can poke an organic, fair-trade, vintage stick at.

Special Guests Peach Saliva and Madcucks

Road Rage: Chicago "The Jass Festival"

Road Rage Chicago-Poster.jpg

Live at The Apollo Theater in Chicago Illinois, December 2nd 2017

The Jass Festival is in town so put on your indoor sunglasses, light up a jass cigarette and hold on to your jasses. After the dumpster fire that was the LA show, the cool cats of Chicago show Dick how to keep it classy. To say thanks, Dick has Madcucks drop a Nuclear Goss Bomb on their fucking heads, Coach makes his first live show appearance, Peach Saliva seduces the crowd with a jassy number and Crocodile Donedude seduces Peach with the hairiest gunt you ever did see.

Special Guests Asterios, Coach, Madcucks and Peach Saliva

Road Rage: Los Angeles "The City of Failure"

Road Rage LA-Poster.jpg

Live at 'The Satellite' in Los Angeles, California, October 13th 2017.

Stage diving, fist fighting, gate crashing, hard drinking and absolutely abhorrent singing. When it comes to live shows, The City of Failure is not sending it's best.
We've got ragers raging, enigmas riddling enigma-ing, obese lesbian beaners berating the crowd and drunk pissers getting tackled on stage. Dick hosts a show that's so a rage that not even he could contain it.

Special guests Asterios, Larry Bleidner, Kian Magaña and Denzel

Road Rage: Philly "Taxation is Theft"

Road Rage Philly-Poster.png

Live at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tax Day, April 18th 2017!

The first ever live episode of The Dick Show kicks off with Dick in glorious Peen Weinerstein mansplaining garb raging against the tax man. He's joined by Sean, handsome as ever and the not quite so handsome Peach Saliva who brings in the definitive conclusion to her 'You can't delete love' fanfic. Santa Cuck drops in for a rowdy sing-along, one which would set the standard for all sing-alongs to follow and the shows closes with an audience Q&A """"hosted"""" by the ever dependable mic-stand himself, Dustin.

Special guests Peach Saliva, Asterios/Santa Chuck/Cuck and Dustin