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Sean the Audio Engineer
Other names See Below
Occupation Audio Engineer, Ass Farmer, WW2 Actor
Known for Devilishly Handsome, Being High, Audio Quality, Random Drop-ins
Notable work The Dick Show

Sezen the Audio Engineer or simply T'chawn as his close friends call him, is a surprisingly good looking audio engineer that engineers audio on many audio shows that require engineering. Tchon also enjoys a solitary life of ass farming, smoking the herb, and playing a Nazi in WW2 reenactments.

Power level


Affiliated with

First appeared

Biggest Problem, Episode 2

Smells like

Some of that dank indoor grown Cali medical

How to Spell

Each of these is the only correct way to spell his name (note, not an exhaustive list):

Shwan, Shyawn, Seahn, Tsciean, Ceeown, Szan, Scherwn, Xiaoyu, schwaun, Saian, Tschaun, Szon, Shaun, Syawn Kshaun, Son, tseugn, Schwing, Psean, Szechyan, Xian, Tsuan, Txcuan, Shinzon, Qawn, Xaun, Sian, Shawean, Sxean, Son, Sein, Zhon, Chaun, Syon, Chawn, Shawn, Cjon, Zceun, Tzown, Chogn, Swan, X'aan, Psion, Scian, Zwan, Szechuquoauughinh, Sechuan, Sxucuan, Tsheaun, Chan, Xean, Tchaun, Saeaen, Szawn, Shon, Seen, Tion, Seon, Shwon, Cuean, Scion, Seun, Xion, Sunne, Xtscauone, Tian, San, Sxuan, Saskatchewan, Shwen, Sawn, S...n, Zhuan, Shaq-Fu, Sern, Tschaughan, Snn, Zycscheyuuowyenne, Sehn, C'thon, Shun, John, Xawn, Tschawen, Srxatryuahnciauhinmadnauan, Sewn, Chon, Chxn, Shinglebompers, Shewn, Scone, Xuan, Shon, Shonk, Snawhn, Shn, Xiaughn, Scheawn, Tschaaaan, Sawn, Schawn, Shambo, Tschon, Tszchawn, Seyn, X'aun, Scheuan, Pshwing, Sheen, Tpsioaeuaen, Sweaaruran, Shungg, Shaunghe, Seanaynay


Due to the sheer complexity of Xeians name, it is frequently misspelled.

Saskatchewan's role has changed dramatically over the years, from interjecting common sense into Dick and Maddox's arguments on The Biggest Problem In The Universe to becoming the "straight man" foil to Dick's rage-fueled hijinks. One caller even suggested that Чече́нская was the unspoken co-host of The Dick Show.

Qwanza's humble beginnings as an audio engineer involved doing gigs for exposure, peanuts, and most sought after, weed. His luck turned around when he was hired as the official Audio Engineer for The Biggest Problem in the Universe, and his foresight to avoid Goss like the plague enabled him to derive income from both the succeeding shows, The Best Debate and The Dick Show, until he left TBD for reasons yet unknown.

Notably, he is one of the few people in any faction who has not seen Dick's penis.

Sasuke's Character Evolution

In the early days of the Biggest Problem Ƭ̵̬̊ kept his mouth shut and tended to the audio, developing a mysterious and elusive presence that fans yearned for. In the rare instances that he would provide insight, fans noted his down to Earth wisdom and would implore him to participate more, but ショーン was worried that he might relieve fans of that notion if he spoke often.

Eventually becoming comfortable, he began to participate frequently in the show and even brought in a problem, cementing him as an indispensable mediator between Dick's wild hedonism and Maddox's uncontrollable self-righteousness.

Pax Audio

Due to his professional nature, شون has avoided making any enemies in the massive Biggest Problem fallout, masterfully remaining impartial in any situations that would put him in an awkward position between either host of the new podcasts. Z'chakrlza is the only known person Maddox refrained from issuing an ultimatum to, likely because his Audio Engineering skills and fan adoration made him irreplaceable.

Powers and abilities

  • Deletion: Can delete anything. Deleted one episode of the old podcast. Deleted himself from The Best Debate In The Universe.
  • Attractive male: Goes with out saying.
  • Realness: While being on a podcast slowly warps you into a cartoon character, Syeun has been able to stay real all this time.
  • Muliti-verse manipulation: Sufn is able to transport people and information between universes. He transports people from diffrent universes to ours, thus resultating in people writing his name wrong.