Slag Tess

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Slag Tess
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Known for Being Madcucks's Assistant

Slag Tess is Madcucks' assistant who cares deeply for him.


Slag Tess called into the show in Episode 32 on behalf of Madcucks, attempting to get Sean to call Madcucks. In the call, it appeared Slag Tess may have been coming onto Sean, leading many fans to speculate that Slag Tess may in fact be a slag, and furthermore may also be into polygamy like theories have suggested in the past from previous Madcucks calls.

Slag Tess left another voice message for the pothead audio engineer, this time she was in a more disgruntled state as she had a very busy schedule consisting of reacting to videos, not to mention she was also busy serving up pity soup for Madcucks.

At one point in her call, she feared that Madcucks may have changed his mind about boob size, no longer enjoying the fine flatness of a slaggy girl like herself. The thought of getting breast implants crossed her mind, however she was quick to conclude that getting them would force people to no longer take her seriously.