Taking The High Road

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The initial high-road-taking
Taking the High Road is a technique useful in Character Assassinations. It allows you to make low blows while still maintaining rape lists an air of moral superiority.

The High Road

If your hypothetical ex-co-host of your largely successful podcast allegedly leaves with your ex-assistant of over three years ago, this is undoubtedly a reason for you to want to destroy his life and ruin his Personal and Professional Reputation. However, this hypothetical ex-co-host hasn't actually done anything wrong, so you must resort to lower tactics if you want to cause any damage. One thing you can do is Lie and Imply, where you maintain a rape list that your ex-co-host did something wrong, but you aren't at liberty to divulge the complete story as you don't want to cause the man undue grief. This will cause whispers and ruminations of what exactly the crime/thoughtcrime your target committed actually was, and not whether or not there was a crime in the first place.

This places you in the interesting and contradictory position of having taken shots at your target, while apparently having done everything you can to limit the amount of damage to their PPR. For those on the outside who don't fact-check or critically analyse, this will cause a swell of compassion for you, as it showcases your concern for the PPR of a man whom you've had disagreements with.

For those aware of the technique and the surrounding circumstances, this technique will only cause scorn and disgust.

Examples and Evidence of Taking The High Road

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