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The TDS facebook group.

The Dick Show Facebook Group was created by Dustin in an attempt to quarantine the most cancerous and infantile memebers of the Dick Show communities into one location. It has largely succeeded in this endeavour.


"The Facebook group showed it's still the worst dick show community, I mean, the 8chan group had a fucking rape list and it wasn't as bad."
- Anonymous

The Dick Show Facebook Group is frequently beset with shitposting and childishness. This has given rise to such names as Adam Nash (decreed by Supreme Overcuck Dustin to be the "Patron Saint of Shitposting" for purchasing a facebook ad with David Clegg's name in it so his notifications would blow up) and the occasion where a TDS fan paid for David Clegg's plane ticket to Seattle so they could settle their differences in a fistfight. This, sadly, never came to completion. It's been posited that the group only exists so Dickheads can spend money on fucking with Clegg.

It's also purported that the group is a place for questions to be submitted to Our Lord and Saviour Dustin so that he may ask Dick Masterson himself, but this segment has (sadly/thankfully)(circle one) been absent from the show for a number of episodes.

Apparently a lot of stuff happens on the Facebook group. Since nobody is allowed to be a member, we just sort of take their word on everything. They've also proven that they can't take a joke.

Many notable members of the community are present here, but do not post here very often; aside from Dustin, who rules the group with an iron dick.

Questions from the Facebook Group

The specific rules laid out by Dustin in his search for people to put on a comedy podcast.

Occasionally that cuck Dustin will call in to the show to ask Dick questions from the Facebook group. These questions have been fairly cringe-inducing and pedestrian, leading to much controversy over the segment.

On Bonus Episode 8, the Patreon goal of "Ask Life Coach your questions" was met, by none other than the depressive maniacs being contained by the Facebook group. The Dishonourable Discharge Dustin had them post sob stories on a Facebook thread, and the ones with the most likes got to call in to the show. These were, in order:

  • A guy who spent 20 minutes detailing all the bad things that went wrong in his life, who then asked... something or other, I can't remember.
  • A "trap" who spent way too long talking about nothing, who then said they wanted a perfect man in their life to fix all their problems.
  • A literal suicidal depressive known as Frank the Tank who didn't say much, and admitted to attempting to hang himself a week prior. He also dropped out mid-call due to a bad connection, leading people to believe he did the deed right then and there.

It's advised to members of the Facebook group, and The Cuckcellor Dustin himself to remember that THIS IS A COMEDY PODCAST, AND THE TITLE 'LIFE COACH' IS IRONIC. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO ASK HIM ABOUT GUNS, ALCOHOL, AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT. HE'S NOT A THERAPIST.

At the end of Frank's call when Dick realized they weren't going to get a normal call-in that Coach could actually help with, Coach and Dick called out Dustin for ruining the entire bit. When this was pointed out, Dustin used the alibi that the people in the Facebook group were the ones that voted for these people to be on the show, therefore it wasn't his fault. However, with some very basic research into the post Dustin made on the group, offering auditions to get life advice from Coach, you can see he was asking people who were "a sad sack and a complete and total failure," and people whom "Coach could help guide to salvation."

Frank: Sorry for... Wasting your time...
Coach: No, you're fine, you're fine.
Dick: No, you're fine, you're fine. Don't apologize to anybody.
Coach: It's Justin's fault!
Dick: Yeah! It's definitely Dustin's fault!
Coach: Dustin's fault for not... For not narrowing the scope of the problems!
Dustin: Woah! Not me! Buddy, buddy, Facebook voted! Facebook voted for these people!
Dick: God!
Dustin: This is what they wanted!
Dick: Frank! Frank! Please, promise you're gonna be okay!

It is for this reason that a common euphemism for suicide among Dickheads is "Franking [one's] Tank'".