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WTF is a UCB

UCB Theater is a once funny comedy group that stands for the Upright Citizens Brigade which also means Social Justice Incorporated.
Dick Masterson had previously performed with this group while it was funny but below we will uncover what caused UCB to sever itself from a good satire writer.

Dick Masterson and UCB

Dick Masterson was kicked out of UCB due to the fact that he was more funny than the cuckold comedians that were #occupying the place.

But seriously, Maddox made a video where he portrayed our dearly beloved Dick as a rape apologist who also keeps an active rape list for the show.

Fans and Dick himself have discussed whether or not this is a complete move of libel / slander from the Maddox camp or if he was just mad that Dick Masterson was more funny and making more money. I suppose one can only speculate based on this set of facts but the facts remain that Dick Masterson was outed from his position here by a Job Lynch Mob.

This whole ordeal happened between Episode 17 and Episode 18.