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Known for Being a moderator.

War of The Fan Boys is a humble moderator of the_donald that communicates with angels that visit him on his table... so basically your average moderator.

Appears in


War of The Fan Boys sees himself as a high energy moderator. His moderating powers allow him to communicate with many holy figures such as angels, Pepe the frog and Christ. War takes great pleasure in banning cucks from his subreddit, such cucks include Ken M and Asterios.

War is currently writing a platonic sci-fi novel about his hero Donald Trump, when Dick mentioned Asterios should narrate the audio version, war was very displeased.

Showdown with Asterios


It is unknown if this is a publicity stunt for yet another Podcast or if these two will actually duke it out. Many fans speculate that Asterios will body slam War of The Fan Boys into a liquid puddle of puss and autism.