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You owe me your gratitude for all the years of free content at my expense. If you don't like it, don't listen. I don't care. How about a fucking thank you? Dax got into UCB because of me. Dax has a podcast now because of me. Dax has a girlfriend now because of me. Dax has a house now because of me. How much more can he fucking use me for? FUCK HIM and fuck the fans who took me for granted. I'm done dude.
MaddoxWhat I Owe, line 16

Waut3rgate refers to a series of leaked chat logs between Maddox and wauterboi. In the chat logs, Maddox repeatedly told wauterboi that he was going to ruin the lives of Dick and friends. Naturally, this made wauterboi a rage, so he shared a few of the transcripts in the IRC. Dick threw the links up on Twitter, causing these logs to blow up in popularity. Asterios also created an ad using these links targeted at fans of Maddox.

After a concerned fan leaked the logs, Maddox starting threatening him through Twitter DMs—which were also promptly leaked. Hehe. The chat logs contain some tasty bits of hot goss.

The Waut3rgate Leaks I: I'm done dude

Three chat logs were initially leaked. In these logs, wauterboi replaced his name with A Concerned Fan in an attempt to preserve some anonymity, even though we all knew it was him, hehe.

The Disgusting Thing Asterios Did

Jan 6

### Maddox
Well not advocating rape and then saying that it's a woman's fault isn't compatible

### A Concerned Fan
There's multiple sides to everything.

### Maddox
Yeah and you haven't heard my side
Asterios falsely accused Jessica of doxxing him
Do you know what happened after he did that?
She got doxxed
And rape threats
And death threats
They know what they're doing
They're doing it so their fans do it to harass us

### A Concerned Fan
So is that what you're referencing with saying Asterios did something disgusting to you and your girlfriend?

### Maddox
That: he accused her falsely of doxxing him, and that got the dick warts to dox her and send her rape and death threats. They even contacted her clients and harassed them. Fuck all of this. Fuck him and fuck the disgusting fans who'd do that
It's only coming from one direction: Dax's camp

Make Rage Not War

Jan 15

### A Concerned Fan
Want to see an early draft?

### Maddox

### A Concerned Fan
user: dick
password: popsickle
I just bullshitted the htpassword file
I've been working on this four about three or four days
### Maddox
You paint this picture like it's a tit-for-tat spat. It's not
I've endured 8 months of this shit
I've lost sponsors
I lost my livelihood
What has he lost? Jack shit. UCB = hobby, not a fucking job. He hasn't lost anything monetary. Period.
And he has tweeted about me literally hundreds of times, mentioned me on his podcast for hours, and slandered me
I don't like that this makes it seem like we're responding to each other. I'm not. And having a few private conversations leaked isn't nearly equivalent to months of slander and harassment.
I won't apologize for the feed, because that was Randy's fuck-up. There's a paper-trail for weeks proving it. If I release that for proof, Randy might lose his job. Do you realize how much responsibility and pressure you're putting on me to prove my side of the argument?
And by the way, Dax re-tweeted the video 3 TIMES!!!
He had friends at UCB who were following him. And about 10 of our mutual friends re-posted that video after that. He got banned from UCB because of other allegations by women he's done shit to in the past. I'm NOT going to take responsibility for that shit. He got banned because of him. And now I'm the one suffering financially, not him. Nothing has happened to him. He's a liar.
What I will apologize for:
Not mentioning him on the final episode. That's all I did wrong.
I'm not apologizing for shit I didn't do, period.
You conveniently left off the part where Dax ended the fucking podcast by lying to me
Lying about me
Slandering me
Fucking bullshit dude.
I asked you for evidence of my wrongdoing the other day and you sent me an episode of The Dick Show.

### A Concerned Fan
Well, this site is going up. What would you like changed about it?

### Maddox
How about fixing it so it doesn't sound like I've been waging a war against him
I haven't
I've kept my side clean
ZERO reddit posts
ZERO attacks of his personal friends
ZERO attacks of his livelihood
ZERO tweets
ZERO facebook status updates
ZERO mentions of him on my podcast
Can I get some fucking credit?

What I Owe

January 26, 2017

### A Concerned Fan:
Like I said you aren't a bad person
If I didn't care I wouldn't talk to you

### Maddox:
Well I'm pretty fucking tired of being abused by these dipshits
Here's what I owe you guys: NOTHING.

### A Concerned Fan:
Alright, what do I owe you then?

### Maddox:
I don't owe you shit. I don't owe you a podcast. I don't owe you entertainment. I don't owe Dax a fan base. I don't owe anyone an explanation into my personal life with my ex girlfriend or any of this shit. It's time everyone fucked off and left me alone. You owe me your gratitude for all the years of free content at my expense. If you don't like it, don't listen. I don't care. How about a fucking thank you? Dax got into UCB because of me. Dax has a podcast now because of me. Dax has a girlfriend now because of me. Dax has a house now because of me. How much more can he fucking use me for? FUCK HIM and fuck the fans who took me for granted. I'm done dude.

### A Concerned Fan:
I paid for your content and was a regular fan they contributed

### Maddox:
Cool, how many hours did you spend contributing content? Drop in the bucket to the 12 x 129 hours I spent on it (and that's just production, not counting meetings). That's over 1,548 hours. And paying for a few bonus episodes doesn't offset the cost of producing the other 107 free ones. So how about a thank you?
Instead of constant harassment

Seriously I'm done with this whole thing man. I'm over it
All I wanted to do in life is produce the best content for people to enjoy
And this is the thanks I get?

Fucking enough

### A Concerned Fan:
You don't see what you're saying as offensive to me?

### Maddox:
I've fucking had it.

### A Concerned Fan:
Guess I shouldn't have bothered.

### Maddox:
You're offended?! Sorry, is there a forum of people who are harassing and slandering you and calling you a cuck and a faggot every fucking day? Please go on and tell me how you're offended. I'm over this dude. You have two options as a fan:

1. Listen to the show
2. Don't listen to the show

That's it.

Harassing and medling in people's personal lives is way over the line. And that's what the dick warts are doing. I just want to be left alone. I'm not going to escalate this. Please, I just want to be left alone.

### A Concerned Fan:
You are being hurtful.

### Maddox:
I'm sorry buddy, I don't mean to hurt you
I understand some of what I said was hurtful. I'm just frustrated with this whole thing.
I'd like to know how you were hurt if you're willing to tell me.

Maddox responds to the leaks

Maddox wasn't very happy with his chat logs getting leaked. He wasted no time threatening wauterboi over Twitter.

The Waut3rgate Leaks II: Don't walk away from them...RUN!

Sometime later, waterboi started sharing more tidbits from his chatlogs with Maddox.

Maddox is Abused

In this log, Maddox claims to be a victim of domestic abuse! According to him, 80's Girl was mean to him and threatened to tear down his Christmas lights!


Want to know why I haven't talked about my ex and why that shit upset me so much? Because my ex was physically and verbally abusive. She threatened to burn my house down. So if he brought her back into my life in that capacity, I'd file a restraining order against her and she'd lose her job because she's a teacher.

These are two vindictive people who are trying to fuck with me. My ex got extremely jealous when I started dating Jessica. Do you know how disrespectful it is to suggest that I have any interest in that awful person anymore? How do you think that makes Jessica feel?


Probably awful. Did you intend for her and Jessica to be friends ever?

*Maddox:* They were friendly, but it doesn't matter what I intend, I don't control people. I just wanted them to be okay with each other. Jessica was fine with it. They had hung out once before. My ex lost her mind. And started stalking me. And the girls I dated. And threatened to cut down my Christmas lights. I still have a broken door in my apartment from her abuse that she hasn't paid for. So I'm telling you dude, if I go public with this, she loses her job because she's a teacher. Why do you ask?

*wauterboi:* Do you by any chance get the bonus episodes

*Maddox:* No dude. I don't listen to any of his slander. I don't know what's been said.

*wauterboi:* I don't know if you want to but I can send you the last episode talks about you and Eighties girl

*Maddox:* Fuck no. I'm not listening to that bullshit. It's all lies. Everything he says is either a lie or misleading. What do I need to know?

*wauterboi:* I am going to attempt flipping all of these eggs and then give you the run down.

[image of me with like five eggs in a pan]

*Maddox:* hehe good luck

One thing you said though dude, "And I think that if he really thought all the disgusting things about women he wouldn't have a girlfriend." -- you know women are in abusive relationships all the time. Sometimes they put up with it for various reasons. So that's not true. My ex was abusive to me and I put up with it for too long

*wauterboi:* Yeah, I'll accept that.

So, I can clip out his story for you and send it to you because that's gonna be a whole lot easier. But he basically explained the entirety of his side of the wedding story in full detail. Well, whatever his version of full detail is.

*Maddox:* Probably none of it is true. I'm not going to listen to it dude, sorry I don't have time. I'll tell you what happened (the truth): My ex was there, she texted me a whole bunch before the wedding making sure it was okay to come, I told her it was fine but I was bringing my date. Jessica and I were still newly dating. 
My ex got really jealous because before the wedding she sent me an email asking to get back together, and said she was always going to be in love with me, even with new guys she dated. I told her it was too late and I'd moved on, but that we could still be friends. Then before the wedding she invited me to go to Mexico with her, I turned her down again and it pissed her off. Then at the wedding, Jessica caught the bouqet and my ex lost her mind, she got pissed. And then Jessica started talking about wedding venues. And my ex came up to me in private and said "where do you want to get married?" And then before I had a chance to answer, she walked away from me and started flirting with Dax. They left the wedding together which made me furious because she has a DUI and Dax was drunk, he could have gotten her killed and she could have lost her job. I bet he didn't tell you guys that part. But yeah, that's pretty much it. And she called me a few days later and apologized for it. It wasn't because I asked him not to come. He offered and I took him up on his offer.

*wauterboi:* He did tell us.

*Maddox:* He told all of that?

*wauterboi:* And boy is his version of the story a lot different. Contains some of those same elements.

*Maddox:* Because he made it sound like he was kicked off an episode. He offered and I accepted. Well I'm sure it's a lot different because he's a liar.

My ex... the night of the wedding... she had a DUI and he drove her home drunk. That pissed me off because while we were dating, it was a huge point of contention and I still cared about her as a friend at that time.

And I told Dax if he wanted to date her he could just talk to me, but I wasn't prepared to have her back in my life in that capacity

[some time later]

*wauterboi:* oh yeah, today dick said you wanted your ex as a second girlfriend in a polyamorous relationship

*Maddox:* HAHAHAHA. Oooookay! That's honestly pretty funny. But anyway, she was physically and verbally abusive when we dated. I still have a broken door in my apartment that she broke. She threatened to burn my house down. She threatened to cut down my christmas lights. She stalked me and drove by looking for my car. She stalked girls I dated. If he was going to date her, I might have filed a restraining order against her. She'd lose her job. Got it?

*wauterboi:* But if she was a piece of shit why do you care?

*Maddox:* Pussy Dax knows this but he's talking about her because he knows I don't want to be vindictive. But if I do talk about it, I'm going public with all of it and let the pieces fall where they may. She will definitely lose her job.

*Maddox:* Because she still owes me money for the broken door [and?] year of back-rent. I was trying to normalize our friendship so she'd repay me.

*wauterboi:* That's kind of manipulative

*Maddox:* Do you see now that the truth is nobody's fucking business but ours and people shouldn't meddle in people's private affairs? Well that's not the only reason. She was someone I dated for years. I genuinely liked her at one point and we had good times together. One of the last times we hung out, it was great... before the wedding. But you're choosing to ignore the part earlier in the conversation where I said: "and I still cared about her as a friend at that time."

*wauterboi:* Oh, okay. Sorry bout that. I think that TDS is gonna continue growing and if that does and what you are saying is true you have a real problem on your hands.

*Maddox:* I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. There's a LOT more I have on Dax. He's fucked over a lot of people.

*wauterboi:* So I've got no reason to worry? I ask that genuinely, and it's the reason why I've maintained this particular interest. Otherwise, it's just silly goss.

*Maddox:* Worry about what?

*wauterboi:* The livelihood and the quality of life for you and Jess.

*Maddox:* Oh well that's definitely hurt. He has hurt a bunch of small businesses. And us personally.

*wauterboi:* So why not drop the bomb now?

*Maddox:* Well, because, honestly buddy, it doesn't make me feel good. I don't want to ruin people's lives.

*wauterboi:* They're ruining yours. Your's and Jess'.

*Maddox:* They're trying to. They'll probably take things too far and end up in jail. I don't know what to do man. If I go full-steam on him, which is what he wants, he could get a lot of publicity that I don't want to give him.

*wauterboi:* If they are the pieces of shit you're making them out to be, I'd just drop the bomb.

*Maddox:* Believe it or not, nobody fucking knows or cares about the old podcast anymore. If someone tuned in to his show today, they'd have to look up me, Denzel, Jessica, Asterios, and listen to a year's worth of episodes to get up to speed. He's digging himself a grave. Well, what if I drop the bomb and it doesn't wipe them out?

*wauterboi:* Then it's not a very good bomb.

*Maddox:* hehe - Well it will take Dax out. But his ex might lose her job. Dax's ex might lose her job or get investigated for crimes.

*wauterboi:* Wow this is really weird.

*Maddox:* Randy might lose his job, which I definitely don't want. Asterios will definitely lose his job. So then what? You think these people will leave me alone after I've taken away their jobs? Or will things get worse? I dunno.

*wauterboi:* I don't either.

*Maddox:* Yeah man... my hands are kind of tied right now. Honestly, I just want to get back to making content that people enjoy. I'm not vindictive. I didn't want to release my video about Dax. And there's worse... that video was original was 17 minutes long. I'm trying to ignore this. These people are sociopaths and I want nothing to do with them

*wauterboi:* But can you?

*Maddox:* I was talking with a friend one night and we were trying to determine what we were dealing with... and we both did research and came up with sociopathy Everything I read about socipaths online is this: Don't walk away from them...RUN!

The Waut3rgate Leaks III: The Snacks Were for Sean!

TBPITU Downfall

Episode 77

October 23, 2015?


The reason he wasn't on that episode was because he offered not to "come in for a while." The exact quote was "if you need to kick me off the show for a while, I understand." I took him up on his offer. Did he mention that on the show? Doubt it.


OH, okay. It was the Asterios episode.

Yes. He offered not to come in and I took him up on his offer. He said that's the reason the podcast ended, the events that occurred at that wedding, right?

Well, he said that's a major contributing factor. He also said you kept sending him long emails about stuff he has problems with and you'd take him to a bar and read of a huge list of complaints with Randy as a mediator. With not thanking for snacks being on the list.

That last part isn't true. I did set up a meeting to talk about the show at a bar with Randy though. Wanna know what was on my list of problems I had with him?

Race relations

Haha no. His beliefs about rape. I brought it up to him in that meeting. I called the meeting because the show was failing and our numbers were really low.️ I told him and Randy that those comments he made to me in person and on the podcast were disgusting and I never wanted to be associated with it. The snack thing is simple: he would complain about the snacks I brought in every week, without ever contributing, like I owed him something. I was buying the snacks for Sean because he worked 8+ hour days and then did the podcast immediately after work so he wouldn't have time to eat and would get hungry. Dax made it all about himself and acted like I owed him something. But anyway, back to that meeting... yes it did happen. And that's when I mentioned the rape comments to him in front of Randy, so Randy's a witness. The podcast allegedly ended because of what happened at the wedding, right?

Is there a place I can see the stats for TBPITU? And I would imagine it's the sum of all things.

Yep, but again, PLEASE KEEP THIS BETWEEN US! This isn't public knowledge. I may talk about it some day but I'm happy to show you the stats I brought to that meeting.

Okay, I won't.


Okay see that number in the total column? Those are total weekly downloads

What is the pre recorded episode? Er, what does that mean?

Here's something most people don't know: we pre-recorded a lot of episodes on Biggest Problem because Dax was constantly going on vacation: Disneyland, Six Flags, Burning Man, improv shows, camping trips, sketch shows, Indy 500, Burning Man again, aquarium trips, etc... the largest week-to-week decline in listeners was when he bossed everyone around and forced us to record 3 episodes before he left for burning man. The episodes sounded stale and people hated them. That's when we dropped almost 9,000 listeners in one week.


How do you think we released weekly episodes even when he was gone to burning man for 2 weeks at a time? Who do you think stayed behind and did all that work?

Yeah, that's pretty lame.

Anyway, I want you to look at the weekly numbers for episode 77, 78, 79 and 80

I don't think it's necessarily bad if it's a one time occurance but that's lame if it's a constant thing.

IT WAS CONSTANT. No joke dude, he was leaving almost every other weekend. The dude hates work. I was doing all of it.

What about the dick show then? He was forced to pick himself up and do work?

So when the numbers started to slip, I told him I couldn't justify working so much on this podcast. And when he became abusive and started yelling and screaming and cussing me out, then dating my ex behind my back, then talking behind my back, all that shit adds up...

Right, he hates it. Also, he doesn't do much work. The site looks sloppy. He hasn't delivered on most of his Patreon promises. He only got a news girl after Jesse P-S called him out for lying to his fans. He raised 15k to take the show on the road, yet still no show. His site even got hacked because he doesn't update wordpress

Did you know his site got hacked?

Which one? dick show?


Haha, oops. He's setting up that road trip though.

Yeah, not sure it takes 3 months and $50,000 to set up a road trip, but okay.

But yeah, he does very little work. That's why he pays people to produce content for him: Dustin, Asterios, thumbnails, you, News Girl, Peach, etc, etc. There is nobody in his life who isn't tied financially to him, save for his life coach Dan.

Oh and he's paying Sean too, almost forgot to mention him. He's paying Sean a lot to make it worth his while. Sean used to do my show for next to nothing because he liked working with me and I liked working with him, even after the split.

Anyway do you still have that graphic open? With the numbers from biggest problem?


I want you to look at the weekly downloads for 79, 78 and 77

See how after 3 and 1/2 weeks, episode 78 only had 32k downloads? 79 had 30k downloads. Episode 77 had 36k downloads (the one without Dax). Those numbers are pretty bad... down from around 40-50k from earlier. See that?



So you think the downward trend is because of staleness in having to record tons of episodes?

Yep, in part. And the other big decline was with women: I never brought this up on the show, but we were losing lots of women. My Maddox fan page had a 70/30 split with male to women. Biggest problem over time became 95% male because of Dax. I told him to tone down the misogynistic stuff, but he wouldn't let up, and we lost a lot of women. I have so many comments from women saying they couldn't stand listening to the show anymore.

Now I want to show you the numbers from my new show for comparison. Want to see?



Those are my numbers now. My new show is doing better than biggest problem was near the end. I now have tons of female listeners, not just the same handful. I've booked much bigger guests, like the creator of Metalocalypse, Dia Frampton, movie producers, journalists, writers, video game developers, etc. I've done far better with the new podcast on my own. And my numbers are higher than biggest problem. There's my "failing podcast" for you.

So near the end, biggest problem was struggling to crack 30k downloads, and now on my own, I'm already pushing 43k. And that's even after months of Dax's lies and slander. I definitely lost some subscribers because some people don't like the new show, but the people who stayed love it, and I got a ton of new fans as well. The show has a life of its own. I'm so glad I didn't bog it down with gossip or obsessing about Dax and the old show like he has.

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