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The Dikipedia
Type Reference/Wiki
Founded January 2017
Motto The only wiki where editing is a contest
Industry Hot Goss documentation
Key people The Dickheads
Website This site

The Dikipedia is a central catalog of all the information on The Dick Show, The Biggest Problem In The Universe, and all the people involved. We've got episode breakdowns, hot goss, chat leaks, character profiles, a goss timeline, and more.

Dikipedia is the singular source of truth for all your goss needs. Ready to get your dick wet?

What Happened To The Old Wiki

More like SemiticDrifter amirite

Prior to the better and newer version of The Dick Show Wikipedia, there was one hosted on wikia.com. You can examine its remains at the Google Cache link here. Nope, dead link lol!

I would have contributed to this Wiki myself but I liked the idea of MediaWiki better as it doesn't have any inherent moderation by people who could be under the impact of The Job Lynch Mob

The Wiki was soon removed not too long after its inception due to the fact that The Dick Show can not go a single day without being accused of having done something bad.

This is okay because just like a Phoenix we will rise from the ashes and MAKE THE DICK SHOW WIKI GREAT AGAIN!!!