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Asterios Kokkinos
Wow what a guy
Nationality Greek
Other names Boisterous Coconuts, the Sneaky Greek
Years active Well, Let's Not Say "Active"
Known for Stealing Comedy Bits, Befriending the Enigma

Asterios "Boisterous Coconuts" Kokkinos was a contributor to The Biggest Problem In The Universe, and is a recurring co-host of The Dick Show.

Power level


Appears in

Smells like

Salami and Tide detergent. During the Holiday season, Egg Nog and Hot Dogs.


Asterios "the Sneaky Greek" Kokkinos was written to contrast with the ever growing number of characters that held an ultimately negative outlook on life. Fans weren't very welcoming of Asterios due to his light hearted and kind nature but as the show progressed he soon became a welcome addition to the fandom. He is affectionately known as "Boisterous Coconuts" due to a fan forgetting his name while leaving a voicemail.

Many times it was widely speculated that Asterios may become the 3rd co-host on TBPITU, or even replace Dick, this however never came to fruition.

Notorious for actually holding the progressive beliefs and neo-feminist opinions that Maddox is accused of holding. Also: for voting for Donald Trump as a joke I guess?

Metal Jess Conflict

Conversation between Asterios and Maddox's girlfriend (or as Maddox calls her, his assistant) were leaked over the internet causing Asterios plenty of grief from foolhardy Dickheads. It was later revealed that Metal Jess leaked them and did some doxxing in the hopes of damaging both Asterios and Dick's Personal and Professional Reputations.

This however backfired as it bought the Dick show more financial support and a free plane ride for Asterios.

Bee Form

The great Grumblebee moments before being swatted by Wayne Brady, and farmed for every last drop of his sweet honey

Asterios has a bee form which he only uses in life or death situations, such as going on comedy shows or Let's Make A Deal. In this form, Asterios made an enemy out of Wayne Brady for out-beeing him as it was revealed that Wayne Brady is a bee fanatic I think.

It is unknown if Asterios' bee form is related to Grumble Bee from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. This is just one crossover reference of many, leading fans to speculate that the Dick universe may be a part of the Power Rangers universe.

Rare footage of Asterios in full bee form

Santa Cuck

Unvieled in Episode 39, Described here

Asterios v WarOfTheFanboys

On June 12, 2017 Asterios did battle against former mod of /r/The_Donald, WarOfTheFanboys. The match officially ended in a draw with fan opinion split with regards to the true victor.

HD PayPerView Broadcast of the match

What makes them a rage?

  • Wayne Brady
  • Metal Jess
  • Maddox
  • Chik-Fil-A being closed on Sunday
  • Fake Outrage
  • Armrest Etiquette