Episode 96

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Episode 96 – Dick on The Status Quo
Release Date 04/03/2018
Episode Length 02:51:19




My one-month $15,000 legal bill, blue balls and Gary Kasparov, my problem with Sateen sheets, the Smurflings were whack, Status Quo bias, Lagavulin says Nick Rekieta drinks their Scotch wrong, the taxes that boil us slowly, Bunty King calls in, the death of humor on the Internet, Digibro and Mumkey Jones’ fall out and who is the Maddox, defending the indefensible, I am worse than (virtual) child porn in some circles, interrupting Dad’s sexy time, the advent rage calendar, and five million downloads, and my latest legal bill


  • Bunty King taught us about these fucking things called "TERFS" which is pretty fucking funny.


Episode 96 Transcript