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Goss is the life-force of The Dick Show, and indeed, every podcast. It is generated through remarkable social interaction of any quality and flows through all people, beyond those who created it.


Like any Japanese-Cartoon-esque energy, Goss started out being vaguely mentioned by Dick, but as time went on Top Autists began to understand it as a type of mana that one could hone and use for their own agenda. The highly-specific method of wielding Goss requires four things: • Notoriety: You can fling Goss all day, but if nobody's listening, it ain't sticking. • A Personal and Professional Reputation (PPR): Similar to Notoriety, but much more personal and professional. If podcasting was a video game this would be your health bar. • A Man's Word: When you get down to it, a man's word is all he has. • Boosting Patreon followers: Ensuring each load of Goss can be used for maximum financial gain. To begin, one channels Goss through his own Word, which acts as a catalyst to either the Goss Aether or the man's own personal Goss Cache, providing passage into the physical realm. His Word is shot through the airwaves and aimed directly at another man's Personal and Professional Reputation, doing either harm or good depending on intent. The effect on the target's PPR is calculated based on credibility of Word, amount of Notoriety, and finally, the user's own PPR. A deficit in any of those three attributes could render a user's Goss completely ineffective, and in extreme cases could backfire, such as David Clegg's failure to damage Asterios' PPR due to lack of Word credibility and Notoriety.

Goss on The Dick Show

The Dick Show wears its Goss-charged heart on it's sleeve, mentioning it in almost every episode. There have been recorded instances of Dick deflecting Goss aimed at him, dishing Goss out in retaliation, and even using Goss to repair the PPR of guests wrongfully afflicted of Goss, such as when Sam Hyde called in after being ousted from Adult Swim. Some people accuse Dick of relying on Goss too much, but these criticisms betray a fundamental failure to completely grasp Goss. Goss is not good or evil, it is entirely context-specific. The Dick Show never tries to create Goss and sticks solely to responding to it.

Origin of the Term

Goss Timeline

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Notable Goss Users