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Our Lord and savior, founder of Madcucks Media.


Madcucks is both an accurate portrayal and satire of pre- and post-LA Maddox.

Power level

Guys I don't need a power level it's not a contest/10

Appears in

First appeared

Smells like

Cat spit, soup, cat soup, SoupCat


Madcucks started off as a fan project and was wildly received by both Dick Masterson and the Dickheads.

Madcucks is a parody of Maddox and does a excellent job at jabbing holes at Maddox's persona.

Madcucks even has a girlfriend named Slag Tess


Madcucks was overwhelmingly well-received after he released a series of videos (filmed in his house, with increasingly shittier audio) lampooning the once-humorous writer. Topics ranged from "Why The Biggest Problem was cancelled" to "Why Randy stole the RSS feed" to "Why you should pledge $1000 to my Patreon". Madcucks is known for wearing multiple paper/cardboard crowns, and his trademark slow, dumb drawl. He now makes more money on his patreon than Maddox.

What makes them a rage?

  • Dick Masterson
  • The Dickheads
  • People mispelling "Sean"
  • Anyone who doesn't like soup
  • Anyone who doesn't think he's a genius
  • Anyone who doesn't thank him for snacks


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