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Fan Music

Many Dickheads are talented musicians and artists. Here you can find a link to the individual pages of some of the many musicians associated with The Dick Show.

The Dick Show Fan Music Playlist


The Dick Show Theme Song by:

Other musical talent (in alphabetical order):

Cuckmas Carols: Bald-headed Lies

Absolutely inspired cover art by Dr Smoothrod

In early 2016, Maddox began sponsoring episodes of The Best Debate in the Universe with a bonus episode for his podcast, and shortly after he began touting it as having topped the iTunes charts. After brief research by the community, it was found that the episode had been spliced into multiple tracks and uploaded to iTunes’ Comedy Album category, a relatively inactive category that is meant to be reserved for recordings of live stand-up. Asterios Kokkinos, a regular guest of The Dick Show, was inspired by this to create an especially low-quality album of Christmas covers that would beat Maddox’s position in the category and, as a result, show the ridiculousness of Maddox’s claims of having charted at #1.

Asterios Kokkinos submitted Cucksmas Carols: Bald-headed Lies - an album that was written and performed in less than 24 hours - for digital distribution on February 17, 2017. This included online storefronts such as iTunes, Google Play, and much, much more. The album was available on iTunes by February 20, 2017, and shared primarily within The Dick Show community via Reddit and Facebook. By February 22, 2017, it had reached #1 on iTunes’ Comedy Albums category - the same category as Maddox’s bonus episode - meaning Asterios had accomplished his goal.

The success of the album had gone further, however, reaching #10 on Billboard’s Comedy charts by February 28, 2017. In Episode 39, it was confirmed that Asterios had reached #6 in all of iTunes in Hungary and moved up to #7 on the Billboard Comedy charts.

The situation became even stranger when Billboard Magazine contacted him with questions so that they could add the album to their official, historical catalog.

Cuckmas Carols can be purchased here

Asterios Aid: The Sounds of Spite

The Sounds of Spite

On November 14, 2017 Asterios Kokkinos, his employer, other companies that include Patreon, and several other people were all served with The Biggest Lawsuit In The Universe. Fans of Asterios Kokkinos' comedy and fans of 'The Dick Show' Podcast banded together with a music compilation to help fund the legal defense of their favorite "Sneaky Greek" and "Digital Cyber Demon", "Boisterous Coconuts".

The album was released on December 1st, 2017 and generated over $4K in sales! The album has become a chart topping success on Bandcamp, hitting #1 on the comedy charts and peaking at #11 on the overall charts. Asterios Aid has also reached a respectable rank of number 9 on the Billboard Comedy Charts.

Listen Now on Bandcamp

The Dick Show Album

The Sounds of Spite

On February 16, 2018 The Dick Show Album was released on Bandcamp, iTunes and Google Play. The album was a fan created project from musicians aciou, Samglaze, lakembra, wauterboi and Todd Seidel and cover art by Clay Burton. It featured guest performances from Dick Masterson, Sean, Madcucks, Denzel, Larry Bleidner and more. On Feb 17, Dick Masterson hosted a live listen to showcase his first ever time hearing the album.

An animated music video for the song "5 Minutes in Space", animated by Nope.wmv, was also published YouTube on February 17, 2018.

The Dick Show Album has found great success on the digital sales charts and has reached the following milestones:

Buy The Dick Show Album now on Bandcamp

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